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Radio Mystery Theater: Daytime TV Stars Come Out in Surprising Roles in Radio Mystery Theater

    March 20, 1978 FEATURE DAYTIME TELEVISION STARS COME OUT AT NIGHT IN SURPRISING ROLES ON “ MYSTERY THEATER ” Troubled by day and mysterious by night, the same actors and actresses who are so embroiled in marital and social problems on daytime television dramas, can be heard, evenings, in stories of mystery, suspense, science fiction and the occult on the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER .  William Griffis of “All My Children,” Lloyd Battista of “Love of Life,” Nat Polen of “One Life To Live,” Mandel Kramer and Teri Keane of “The Edge of Night,” Jada Rowland of “The Doctors” and Larry Haines and Anne Williams of “Search for Tomorrow” are regularly featured on the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER in roles that would surprise their soap opera fans. William Griffis, who has portrayed Harlan Tucker, the friendly retired banker on “All My Children” since last April, has been appearing on MYSTERY THEATER for over two years, “portraying everything from a 16-year-old