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Introducing JOHN TILLMAN AT FRANK DAILEY’S Meadowbrook last summer, a young ex-GI named John Tillman earned himself the moniker of “Dream Scream,” delightedly bestowed on him by the bobbysoxers who found his looks and his emceeing irresistible. In a way, Tillman found this very satisfying, certainly a change from having “Sergeant!” screamed at him for three years. Matinee at Meadowbrook is still on the air, beamed for GI’s still overseas. We ordinary citizens hear John as m.c. of Danny O’Neil’s Singing in the Morning (daily 9:15 A.M., EST, CBS) and as the smooth-voiced announcer of The Stradivari Orchestra (Sundays, CBS, 2:30 P.M., EST). John was born in Clio, Alabama, during the first World War. He became a professional performer while he was still attending Barbour County High School. At the age of sixteen, he became a staff announcer and singer on Station WAFG in Dothan, Alabama. His mother accompanied him on the organ for his singing program. After he was graduated fro