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Gigantic Henry Aldrich Article

Henry, bitter rival of. . . George Bigelow, favorite to win. . . The great race, in spite of Dizzy. . . And Henry’s mother. . . And loyal father. In a story as gay as the Aldrich Family broadcasts themselves, lovelorn Henry, down for Cupid’s count, finally triumphs with the aid of Dizzy and bicycle build (after a fashion) for two HEN—RY! Henry Aldrich!!” His mother’s voice, poured with practiced pitch down the narrow basement stairs, summoned the chubby young man from the silence of day dream which had already begun to vex his companion, a thin boy about his own age, who was industriously oiling the sprocket of a tandem bicycle upended on the cellar floor. “Yes, Mother?” Henry’s reply was almost automatic. “Mary and I are going to the movies. Do you and Dizzy want to come along or are you going to work on that bicycle all night?” Henry roused his attention sufficiently to introduce a slightly offended tone