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I REMEMBER GROUCHO by George Fenneman

I REMEMBER GROUCHO BY GEORGE FENNEMAN                                                                                          PART ONE Harry von Zell’s column “Memories” will not appear this issue because as we go to press Harry is hosting a Silver Circle cruise to the South Pacific. He’s asked his friend George Fenneman to be the guest columnist and to write about his experiences with Groucho Marx . Since the recent death of  Groucho Marx  , I’ve often been asked what he was like. And I have to say he was unique, and he was fearless. It was a great privilege to work with him for 15 years and to be his friend for 30. How did I start working with Groucho? I think it was sheer luck. I won the audition for “You Bet Your Life” because I happened to be standing on the corner of Hollywood and vine. A man I’d worked with in San Francisco came up to me and said he was holding an audition for a new show with Groucho Marx. Although 30 other announcers were there, som