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She Lives with a Liar …

She Lives with a Liar … Marian—Molly McGee—Jordan Has Managed to Have an Ideal Home Life with Jim—Fiber—Jordan, Even If He Never Catches Mice With the Use of Falling Mercury Jim and Marian appear below as their youngsters know them—out of character—and, right, Molly caught in one of her frequent moments of wonder over Fibber’s latest tall story By Randall Lewis Milligan Fibber McGee looks innocent enough, doesn’t he? But then there’s no telling when he’ll pull the tallest story no far in-wanted. At right, Fibber and Molly display the leading characters in the travelling marionette show that bears their famous narrow. Before we start Calling anyone names, let the truth do it. Last January 1 the Burlington Liars’ club of Wisconsin, which yearly promotes the international Olympics for liars, awarded the World’s Championship title to none other than Fibber McGee. In spite of the cries of professionalism that were hurled in Fibber’s direction by disgruntled amateurs, he won