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Comedy Stars of Broadway Advertisement from Oct 6, 1937

 From Variety magazine October 6, 1937: 'COMEDY STARS OF BROADWAY' With Frank Crumit Transcriptions ALKA SELTZER Tues.-Thurs., 6:15 p.m. WGY, Schenectady Pleasant and diversified entertain-ment is offered on this series of quarter-hour platters spotted over a string of stations to supplement sponsor's “Uncle Ezra” program on NBC red rim three other nights of the week. Waxed show is more in the sophisticated, zippy vein. The probability is therefore that it will have greater appeal for younger and urbanized listeners than does the mellow small-town sketch. Frank Crumit is the biggest radio name on the platters, although the guest acts are not unknown to dial-ers. Johnny Burke led off the spec-ialty group, others including Hilde-garde Halliday, Bert Swor and part-ner, Fields and Hall and Mr. Thing-elbob. Each made two records