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CBS Mystery Theater Opens 4th Year with Seven O.Henry Short Stories (1979)

December 20, 1976 “ CBS MYSTERY THEATER ” TO OPEN FOURTH YEAR JAN. 10 WITH SEVEN O. HENRY SHORT STORIES Robert Dryden To Star as Author The CBS MYSTERY THEATER , which began its second year with seven consecutive adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories and its third year with seven from the pen of Mark Twain, will open its fourth year, Monday, Jan. 10, with seven from one of America’s -- and the world’s -- best short story tellers, O. Henry. Chosen by producer-director Himan Brown from the over 300 O. Henry wrote, the seven stories reflect the experiences the author encountered while living in Texas when the west was the Wild West and during his brief stay in New Orleans, his year-and-a-half in Honduras, his three years in an Ohio penitentiary and his eight years in New York City, which he christened Begdad-on-the-Subway. In their order of broadcast the seven are: “Two Renegades,” “The Passing of Black Eagle,” “Tobin’s Palm,” “Don’t Die Without Me” (originally “The F

Best CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes of 1974

Here's some of my favorites "best" episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater. The Resident 1-15-74 Honeymoon With Death 1-11-74 Three Women 1-28-74 Time And Again 1-27-74 I Warn You Three Times 1-12-74 Return of the Moresbys 1-7-74 The Girl Who Found Things 1-19-74 Death Rides A Stallion 1-14-74 The Man Who Asked For Yesterday 1-31-74 The Lost Dog 1-9-74 Cold Storage 1-13-74 The Old Ones Are Hard To Kill 1-6-74 Deadly Honeymoon 1-24-74 Speak of the Devil 1-25-74 The Man Who Heard Voices 1-29-74 And Nothing But The Truth 1-23-74 You Can Die Again 1-17-74 A Very Old Man 1-22-74 The Ring of Truth 1-26-74 Mother Love 1-30-74 Dead For A Dollar 1-21-74 Accounts Receivable 1-16-74 The Chinaman Button 1-20-74 The Bullet 1-8-74 Ring, Ring of Roses 1-18-74 No Hiding Place 1-10-74