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Meredith Wilson: "A Composer Turns Into Comedian"

The Milwaukee Journal – Nov 22, 1942 A Composer Turns Into Comedian By Robert Myers HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) When Dr. Albert Coates, distinguished Brit- Meredith Wilson perform as a radio comic, he got up and walked out of the studio. “I played your ‘Missions of California’ symphony in concert because I considered you one of the most promising of the young America composers,” Dr. Coates told Wilson afterward. “But when I saw you doing that . . . that slapstick with Frank Morgan , it was just too much. I was horrified.” Versatile, affable Wilson, who would have been called a heretic a few years ago by the lovers of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, laughed. “I try to enjoy everything I do. It is fun to do comedy lines. And I don’t believe this outlet has in any manner injured my reputation in the field of music.” Wilson, tall and easygoing, is proud of several things. One is his home town of Mason City, Iowa. Another is his versatility. He was written two symphon