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Going Home: Dale Evans

The Milwaukee Journal – Jun 27, 1943 Going Home PERT, redheaded Dale Evans is going home. For only two weeks mind you, but where she’s going is Texas, stranger, and that means the whole state will be clapping hands. Dale, you see, is another local girl—like Ginger Rogers , Mary Martin and Ann Sheridan —who has made good. First it was as a soloist with Anson Weeks and his band, then coast to coast billing as the singer on radio's CharlieMcCarthy’s and Edgar Bergen’s NBC half hour , and now a promising career in the movies, in addition to the new contract as Charlie’s singer next season. Dale’s taking advantage of the show’s summer vacation to do a concentrated job of entertaining Uncle Sam’s boys in and around Texas, and at the same time visiting the home folks near Dallas. Dale was born in Italy, Tex. Outside of a few years spent in Memphis, Tenn. (where she graduated from Central high school), she spent the first 20 years of her life there. Dale was all se