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Mystery Theater Script Novelized by Sam Dann

July 23, 1979 “MYSTERY THEATER” SCRIPT NOVELIZED BY WRITER SAM DANN “The Third Body,” a novel based on a radio script by an award-winning CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER writer, Sam Dann , will be published in August by Popular Library (255 pp., $1.75). The script, “The Children of Death,” was produced by Hi brown and originally broadcast on MYSTERY THEATER February 5, 1976. It starred Tony Roberts. The story deals with a future world where men and women are separated into hostile  tribes and love is an unspeakable four-letter word. In this society, the act of mating is a contest for domination with death to the loser. Dann has written for the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER since the series’ inception five years ago. He has won the Writer’s Guild Award for the “best radio dramatic script” for two consecutive years, 1975 and 1976. Dann previously novelized one of his radio scripts, “ The Only Blood ,” for an anthology, titled “Strange Tales from CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER ” and edited b