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Serta Sponsors Radio Mystery Theater (April 1979)

April 9, 1979 SERTA, INC, MAKES FIRST NETWORK RADIO BUY: 26 WEEKS ON “ CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER ” Serta, Inc., in its first venture in network radio, has become a participating sponsor of CBS MYSTERY THEATER . The company, for its Prefect Sleeper mattresses and foundations, has purchased one-minute announcements five times a week for 26 weeks on the Peabody Award-winning dramatic series now in its sixth year on the air. The Serta announcements will be heard in three flights: April 2-May 20; June 4-July 1, and July 23-Nov. 4. “For the first time ever,” said Curt Burdick, Advertising Vice President of Serta, “network radio will a part of our overall media schedule. It is a viable medium with which to maintain awareness of the Serta name and to reinforce our television and print support of this year’s major campaign. “The CBS MYSTERY THEATER was our logical entry into radio because it is one of the best produced shows on the air and a most popular one. More importantly, it has