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PINT SIZE-BUT POWERFUL . . .Johnny Roventini "Call for Philip Morris..."

PINT SIZE-BUT POWERFUL . . . Unique is the word for Johnny. Johnny is a radio’s only vocal trademark. Johnny is the only holder of a life-time contract in the history of radio. Johnny is only 47 inches high and weighs only 59 pounds. Johnny is the only name he goes by—and to millions of Americans. That’s right—Johnny is the lad who three times a week gives his famous call over two of our major networks. For a little man, Johnny isn’t doing badly. His job pays him $20,000 a year, plus a good deal of fame. The audition which netted him all this was just as unique as his career. Johnny was a bellhop in a New York hotel. Eleven years ago, a certain Milton Biow—advertising man and genius of a sort-passed through the hotel and got an idea. He had Johnny page a non-existent Mr.  Philip Morris . Of course, Johnny paged Mr. Morris without results, but when he reported his failure to Mr. Biow—he found it turned into phenomenal success. He got the contract for the cigarette