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March 13: Happy Birthday World News Roundup!

Happy 77th Birthday, CBS World News Roundup !  CBS World News Roundup , an iconic CBS News Radio program, is the nation's longest-running news broadcast, first airing 77 years ago tonight. March 13, 1938 - just another slow news day? Not quite! As legendary CBS radio newsman Robert Trout reported that night, Hitler's forces were "driving with all their might to bring Austria under complete Nazi domination."  Based in New York, Trout quickly switched over to live reports from correspondents throughout Europe, including a stirring account of Austria's plight from 29 -year old Edward R. Murrow , making his debut as a broadcast journalist.  "Everything is quiet in Vienna tonight," Edward Murrow reported. "There is a certain air of expectancy about the city, everyone waiting and wondering where and at what time Her r Hitler will arrive." The impact and status of both WORLD NEWS ROUNDUP and Murrow would certainly blossom in the coming mo