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Frank Merriwell Old Time Radio Show

As a nine-year old child, one of my favorite Saturday radio program was The  Adventures of Frank Merriwell , a student at Yale University in the horse-drawn days of the last century, who excelled at everything ... sports, debates, student theater, science and math classes, etc. . . . and was caught up in some dastardly plot or other in every episode.  Frank Merriwell  was criminology student a Yale, in that time period. his adventures would enable him to use his studies to investigate and solve crimes.  I listened every Saturday; the show has a great use of sound effects! A couple of  the actors who made brief appearances in the series were Tony Randall and  the early talkies film star Sir C. Aubrey Smith. From the time I heard that  program I wanted to be just like Frank, and I was determined to go to Yale  for college; the best I could manage was getting a music scholarship. And there was not one student  on that campus who resembled the Frank Merriwell of my imagination.