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SAY HELLO TO . . . ALBERT WARNER – CBS ’s Washington reporter, whom you’ll hear this afternoon at 6:05, and whenever there’s important news from the nation’s capital. Warner was born in Brooklyn, and was editor of his school papers both in high school and at Amherst, from which he graduated in 1924 . He’s been a successful newspaperman ever since, and has covered all presidential campaigns since 1928 . He gave up newspaper work early in 1939 to join CBS. By unanimous election, he’s president of the Radio Correspondents Association in Washington; and he’s a close friend of many important personalities in both parties.

Say Hello To- Jack Fraser

Say Hello To- Jack Fraser—NBC announcer who’s heard frequently on The Gospel Singer and other programs. Jack comes from Lawrence, Mass., and studied in the University of Maine and later at Brown, emerging from his classrooms with a Ph.D. degree in English. He was always enthusiastic about music, and his fine baritone voice led him to occasional radio work while he was still in college. After graduation he joined the staff of a New York station, and came to NBC in 1936. He particularly likes to announce sports and news events, and is interested in all sport, both as an observer and a participant. In college he went in for all of them, but when he never got beyond being an “also-ran,” he became a cheer-leader instead.