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CBSRMT Advertiser Print Ad

Target audience: liquor store owners, 1975 Client: Heublein Agency: Marschalk, Inc., New York Copywriter: Giff Crosby Copy: Don't be surprised if your customers start asking you for more Vinya Rosé wine than ever before. And don't be concerned if they seem a bit more nervous than usual. You see, it'll all be the result of Vinya's biggest media buy ever -- co-sponsorship of CBS Radio's terrifying "Mystery Theater." This season, " Mystery Theater " will bring not only fear and suspense to its 220 markets, but some terrific Vinya commercials, as well. And with sales already up 60% over last year, 1975 ought to be Vinya's biggest sales year ever. To make the most of it, just stock up on plenty of Vinya Rosé. And be there to take the money.