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ENGLISH IS A DIALECT Jack Lloyd is one of the busiest actors on the air. The shows he appears in are so numerous it would take too much space to list them except to mention that they’re of the caliber of We the People , Front Page Farrell . The Kate Smith Hour , and Valiant Lady . The parts he plays on these shows are strictly American style juveniles and romantic leads. Yet, in the most realistic sense of the word, playing an American juvenile is, for Jack, playing a dialect part. And he had a good bit of trouble learning this dialect. When Jack Lloyd arrived in the United States from Holland in 1939, he knew exactly two words of English. One of them was “yes” and the other “no,” by no means an extensive vocabulary for an actor. And an actor was what Jack intended to be, since it was the thing for which he was trained. He had already acquired quite a reputation for himself on the stage and in the movies in Holland. Learning English was a slow process, at first. But the