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Jack Stanton

Jack Stanton Jack Stanton, the male half of the Songs for Sale dance team of Stanton and Luster, started dancing on doctor’s orders and hasn’t stopped since. As a child Jack developed pneumonia and the doctor advised his parents to send him to dancing school to build up his frail body. Jack spent most of his childhood in Maplewood, New Jersey, a few doors from the home of his future partner, Betty Luster. Although they even worked on the same show in school. Jack was unaware of her existence. Jack made his way to Broadway from the chorus line after having done a great deal of choreography. It was while playing in “DuBarry was Lady” that Jack started dating the pretty girl who was playing at the next-door theatre. The girl was Betty Luster; but it was not for many years after that that their partnership really started.  They are TV partners only, however, for Jack is married to Marion Richards, a lovely, former model. 

A Stroll Down Allen’s Alley

The Milwaukee Journal-Nov 16, 1947 A Stroll Down Allen’s Alley                  By ROBERT FLEMING MEET THE CHARATERS WHO TICKLE  YOUR FUNNYBONE ON SUNDAY NIGHTS EACH Sunday night, in millions of American homes, a nasal voice suggests, “Now let’s be off to Allen’s Alley .” And during 15 seconds of music, bridge games are halted, children are hushed, papers are laid aside, and people all over the nation chuckle in anticipation. Fred Allen is off to another gay adventure in neighborliness. “Allen’s Alley” users about five minutes of each Fred Allen show. Since his program currently tops the listener surveys and has been near top for season after season, it’s almost unnecessary for him to say he’s about to visit Senator Claghorn, Titus Moody, Mrs. Nussbaum and Ajax Cassidy. Regular listeners know the four. But before the conversational Mr. Allen comes into the “alley” again, let’s visit the place, look around, and investigate the residents. The “alley” is o