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Himan Brown Speaks at Three Universities about Radio Mystery Theater (1978)

March 27, 1978 HIMAN BROWN TO SPEAK AT THREE UNIVERSITIES NEXT MONTH: TO RECEIVE “DISTINGUISHED SERVICE” AWARD FROM ANOTHER Himan Brown’s love affair with college students across the country continues at a quick pace during the month of April. Brown, producer-director of CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER , has accepted invitations to speak at three universities and will be presented an award from another, a place of higher learning whose students heard him last December. On April 10, it’s the University of Cincinnati, where he will talk to those studying in its Department of Communications. Eight days later, he’ll be on the San Francisco State campus to address that university’s 26th annual Broadcast Industry Conference, the theme of which is “Media Raison d’Etre.” Gainesville, Fla., is the site of Brown;s next speaking engagement where, on April 24, he’ll be the honored guest at the University of Florida’s annual Broadcast Day. The Distinguished Service Award in Communication