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Red Skelton: Let’s Look at Junior

 The Milwaukee Journal – Apr 25, 1943 Let’s Look at Junior ALTHOUGH all of the various characters Richard (Red) Skelton plays in his Tuesday night comedy show (WTMJ, 9:30 o’clock) have a following, there is no doubt that Junior is Mr. Big. Youngsters large and small never miss the doings of this pernicious moppet. Maybe Junior comes by it all naturally. Skelton himself is nothing but a great big (6 foot 3) boy. Even after he had achieved some success in the show business one of his outstanding and most endearing characteristics was the way he’d do something impulsive and then look at the injured party like a sorry little lad with a very poor alibi. He wanted to do the child characterization long before his writers would allow it. “You’ll sound like a sissy, Red,” they said. But Red insisted and finally when he had coined the “I dood it” phrase and made it his own, they agreed. Now all three of them, Jack Douglas, Dick McKnight and Ben Freedman, sit around talking like