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One Mans Family: Introduction

One Mans Family  is dedicated to the Mothers and Fathers of the Younger Generation and to their Bewildering Offspring. Tonight we bring you Chapter One, Book One, entitled "Introducing the Barbour Family." America's first family was inspired from John Galsworthy's Forsyte Saga. Carlton E. Morse 's attempt to create a real-life American family with real emotions and problems started on April 24, 1932 as a 13 week trial on local West Coast stations and quickly moved Coast to Coast lasting 27 years. Morse considered his creation a family drama instead of a Soap Opera . Winner of the Peabody award for radio excellence,  One Mans Family , heard primetime weekly on NBC, brought out subtle character development and conflict that made the show addictive. To regular listeners, the Barbours became real people and part of their family. Listeners named their babies after the characters (especially Cliff and Claudia), wrote Christmas cards, get well

One Man's Family: Meet the Barbour Family Cast

Henry Barbour Played throughout the run by J. Anthony Smythe a bachelor in real life. Father Henry Barbour, stockbroker, is old-fashioned, is conservative, is bullheaded, and is overbearing. He believes that the foundation of the nation is the family, the bigger the better. He opposes anything revolutionary and has a deep foreboding for the future of the world. When things go wrong he sulks and broods and has a deep distrust for strangers. Still, he comes off as a lovable warm character. His expression "yes, yes," in a deep sigh becomes the shows catch phrase. In retirement his great joy is his garden. Fanny Barbour Minetta Ellen Played Mother Barbour for 23years. Mother Fanny Barbour epitomizes traditional virtues. She is a housewife who is very loyal to her husband. She is tolerant, loving, and untiring as the peacemaker. She is the glue that keeps the family together and the cushion between Henry and the children, interpreting each to the o