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ARNOLD STANG —goggle-eyed, 5’4’’, 120-pounder has been playing comedy parts for fourteen of his twenty-five years. A native of Chelsea, Mass., he acquired his radio experience in Let’sPretend , The Children’s Hour, and The Goldbergs in which he created the role of Seymour which later emerged as the hapless Gerard, mirth-provoking addition to The Henry Morgan Show.

ONE OF A KIND: Art Carney is the Only Network Staff Actor

VERSATILE ART, DIALECT EXPERT, CAN BE CHARACTER ACTOR OR MIMIC ONE OF A KIND ART CARNEY IS THE ONLY NETWORK STAFF ACTOR ART CARNEY is a young man with a job that many a free-lance actor would give his eyeteeth and ten years of his life to have. It is the only position of its kind existing in any of the four large networks. Art is the only actor who is a regular salaried staff member of the Columbia Broadcasting System . As anyone who has gone through the exhausting throes of becoming a radio artist can tell you, the hardest part of attaining prominence  is getting established with the network producers. It is a long tale of auditioning, getting interviews with producers and directors, and beating out a shoe leather symphony between advertising agencies and network offices. After some small encouragement, you spend all your time and ingenuity reminding the producers that you exist and are available for a little work. When you are in demand there is a vas